• Dinner Appetizers

    • Sea Scallops & Bacon

      Sea Scallops & Bacon


      Scallops, bacon lardon, & wildflower honey brown butter

    • Duck Nachos

      Duck Nachos


      Confit duck leg, Monterey Jack cheese, roasted mushrooms, wonton chips, & wasabi edamame guacamole

    • Miso Poutine

      Miso Poutine


      House cut fries, cheese curds, & miso gravy.
      Add Boar 3.5 Vegan option available.

    • Cheese & Charcuterie

      Cheese & Charcuterie


      Chef's choice of cheese & charcuterie meat with selected condiments & warm crostini

    • Phyllo Paillot de Chevre

      Phyllo Paillot de Chevre


      Baked soft ripened goat's cheese in phyllo pastry, roasted hazelnut crunch roasted garlic jam, seasonal fruit, crostinis

    • Romesco Prawns

      Romesco Prawns


      Black tiger prawns, Catalina sauce, pine nuts, capers, heirloom tomatoes, grilled bread, roasted garlic butter

    • Seasonal Vegetable Rostis

      Seasonal Vegetable Rostis


      Fried vegetable-Yukon gold potato pancake, fresh summer fruit chutney, saffron aioli, balsamic reduction

    • Crispy Brussels Sprouts

      Crispy Brussels Sprouts


      Toasted sunflower seeds, balsamic reduction, & 2 year aged Parmesan

    • Daily Feature Soup

      Daily Feature Soup


      Ask your server about our daily soups

    • Dinner Pastas

    • Seafood Calamarata

      Seafood Calamarata


      Atlantic lobster, Chilean king crab, black tiger prawns, local mussels, Coho salmon, sundried tomatoes, charred artichokes, capers, snap peas, grilled endives, arugula, Calamarata pasta, lemon herb Provencale oil.

    • Wild Mushroom Gnocchi

      Wild Mushroom Gnocchi


      Pan seared Porcini mushroom ricotta gnocchi with wild and cultivated mushrooms, arugula, roasted red grape, basil mascarpone, roasted hazelnut crumble, 2 year aged Parmesan crunch

    • Dinner Mains

    • Beef Fillet Mignon

      Beef Fillet Mignon


      Pan-seared Alberta-raised beef tenderloin, roasted garlic potato puree, Bordelaise sauce & seasonal vegetables

    • Haida Gwaii BC Halibut

      Haida Gwaii BC Halibut


      Poached local halibut fillet, roasted hazelnut crumble, coconut-Chamomile nage, bok choy, sauteed asparagus spears, Arborio rice, French radishes, pickled vegetables

    • Sockeye Salmon

      Sockeye Salmon


      Grilled local sockeye salmon, torched wildflower honey chestnut butter, spruce tip spatzle, wild mushrooms, black purple kale, English peas

    • Grilled Halloumi Ratatouille

      Grilled Halloumi Ratatouille


      Grilled Cyprus halloumi skewer over chickpea ratatouille with grilled zucchini, blistered heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, fennel, spinach, arugula pesto, pine nuts

    • Chilliwack BC Chicken Supreme

      Chilliwack BC Chicken Supreme


      Locally raised grilled free range chicken breast, Kentucky bourbon glaze with local corn succotash with smoked bacon lardons, blistered heirloom tomatoes, grilled endives, sauteed broccolini

    • Vegan Vindaloo Curry (V)

      Vegan Vindaloo Curry (V)


      Yams, snap peas, bok choy, red bell pepper, carrot, spinach, spicy coconut Masala gravy, fresh summer fruit chutney, rice biryani with shredded red gold beet, English peas, cilantro, crispy papadum

    • Dinner Salads

    • Scallop & Spinach Salad

      Scallop & Spinach Salad


      Sea scallops, spinach, wild mushrooms, charred balsamic onions, French radish, roasted hazelnut crunch, & burnt honey tarragon dressing
      Add chèvre 1.5

    • Locus Caesar

      Locus Caesar


      Romaine hearts, croutons, Grana Padano & house Caesar dressing
      Add free range chicken 5   Add Smoked Bacon 3.5

    • Duck Leg Salad

      Duck Leg Salad


      Whole confit Fraser Valley BC duck leg, chopped iceberg, heirloom tomatoes, celery, honey walnuts, Cambozola blue, Roquefort dressing

    • Moroccan Salad

      Moroccan Salad


      Marinated green & yellow chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, snap peas, charred artichokes, arugula, sunflower seeds, chevre, dried fruits, spicy apricot fig vinaigrette

    • Locus Burgers

      Burgers are served with a blend of smoked cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese on an Artisan bun with field tomato, red leaf lettuce, charred balsamic onions and tomato-raifort sauce and comes with house salad and roasted herb potatoes.

    • BC Brisket Chuck Burger

      BC Brisket Chuck Burger


      BC raised 7 oz. beef patty with smoked cheddar
      *Add bacon 2       *Add Mushrooms 1

    • Vegetarian Burger

      Vegetarian Burger


      House mushroom & roasted pepper patty with Monterrey Jack cheese.
      *Add Mushrooms 1