Dine-In Brunch Menu


Available from 10 AM to 3 PM

Fresh-baked basket of sourdough, fruit, and cinnamon bread ~4~
$2 charge for split items


  • Huevos Rancheros (GF)
    Huevos Rancheros (GF) 16

    Two free range eggs any style served with Monterey Jack, hand-made masa corn tostados, black beans, mango salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and organic mixed greens.

    Vegan option available.

  • Garden Harvest Bowl (GF)
    Garden Harvest Bowl (GF) 17

    Two free range eggs any style with asparagus, blistered cherry tomatoes, candied walnuts, spinach, bell peppers, broccoli, vegetable sausage links, English peas and Yukon Gold potatoes, finished with toasted pumpkin seeds, and served with chipotle-lime barbeque and organic mixed greens.
    Add cheese 2; Add pulled wild boar 3.5; Add three Jumbo Black Tiger prawns 6

    Vegan option available.

  • Locus Skillet (GF)
    Locus Skillet (GF) 17

    Two free range eggs any style, with your choice of sirloin beef strips, pulled wild boar, Sockeye salmon, or vegetable links with Monterrey Jack cheese, roasted bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, English peas and Yukon Gold potatoes with a side of organic mixed greens.

    Vegan option available.

  • Classic Eggs (GF)
    Classic Eggs (GF) 15

    Two free range eggs any style served with your choice of sausage (sundried tomato chicken, spicy lamb Merguez or vegetable sausage links), ham, or bacon served with Yukon gold potato hash and fresh fruit.
    Make it Steak n Eggs 18

    Vegan option available.

  • Main Street Eggs (GF)
    Main Street Eggs (GF) 17

    Two eggs any style and your choice of sausage (sundried tomato chicken sausage, spicy lamb Merguez, or vegetable sausage links), ham, or bacon, served with baked molasses Navy beans, sour cream, Monterey Jack cheese, Yukon Gold hash and fresh fruit.

    Vegan option available.


  • French Toast
    French Toast 15

    Cinnamon brioche with a toasted cinnamon crunch crust, caramelized apples & pears, vanilla cream cheese drizzle, candied walnuts, maple syrup and a fresh fruit medley.

Eggs Benedict

Each is served with two free-range poached eggs on a toasted English muffin with house-made hollandaise, Yukon Gold potatoes and fruit. Gluten free bread is available instead of English muffin.

  • Ham & Brie
    Ham & Brie 17

    Thinly-sliced ham, double-cream brie, grilled asparagus

  • Feta, Artichoke, & Tomato
    Feta, Artichoke, & Tomato 16

    Feta cheese, roasted artichoke hearts, gem tomatoes, and basil pistou

  • Sockeye Salmon & Crab
    Sockeye Salmon & Crab 17

    Grilled local salmon fillet, Chilean crab, spinach, crispy capers

Build Your Own Omelette or Scrambler

  • Choice of free range eggs, egg whites, or scrambled tofu (VG)
    Choice of free range eggs, egg whites, or scrambled tofu (VG) 16

    Served with fresh fruit and your choice of salad or Yukon gold hash.

    Choose three ingredients from any category for your omelette or scrambler:

Smoked cheddar
Monterrey Jack
Cashew Cheese  (Vegan)

Heirloom tomatoes
English peas
Bell peppers
Crispy capers
Grilled asparagus

Chicken sausage
Spicy lamb Merguez sausage
Vegetable sausage links
Pulled wild boar
Chilean crab
Sockeye salmon

Add extras: protein 3; veggies or cheese 2; capers 1

Sides and Add-Ons

  • Sausage 3
  • Smoked bacon 3.5
  • Kessler ham 3
  • Pulled wild boar 3.5
  • 6 oz. Beef sirloin steak 7
  • Beans (Black or Baked) 4
  • Guacamole 3
  • Hollandaise 2
  • Toast + GF toast 3
  • Free-Range Egg 2
  • Side potatoes, fruit or salad 5


Available from 10 AM to 3 PM

Fresh-baked basket of potato, fruit, and cinnamon bread $3.5
$2 charge for split items


  • Scallop & Spinach Salad (GF)
    Scallop & Spinach Salad (GF) 18

    Hokkaido scallops, baby spinach, wild mushrooms, pickled red onions, caramelized apples & pears, candied walnuts, burnt honey-tarragon dressing
    Add chèvre 2; Add smoked bacon 3.5

  • Beet & Chèvre Salad
    Beet & Chèvre Salad 16

    Roasted beets, pickled beets, beet & root vegetable purée, chèvre, candied walnuts, parsnip chips, dressed baby arugula, fresh strawberries, and citrus-spiced honey

  • Locus Caesar
    Locus Caesar 15

    Romaine hearts, crispy capers, garlic toasted croutons, Grana Padano, house Caesar dressing
    Add free-range chicken 6; Add bacon 3.5; Add three Jumbo Black Tiger prawns 6; Add three Hokkaido scallops 6

Burgers & Sandwiches

Burgers are served on an Artisan bun with field tomato, iceberg lettuce, red onion, smoked paprika aioli. Comes with side organic mixed green salad, house-cut potato fries.

  • BC Brisket Chuck Burger
    BC Brisket Chuck Burger 17

    BC-raised 6 oz. beef patty with smoked cheddar, pickle
    Add smoked bacon 3.5; Add sautéed mushrooms 2

  • Vegetarian Burger
    Vegetarian Burger 16

    House-made vegetable & mushroom patty with Monterey Jack cheese, pickle
    Add sautéed mushrooms 2

  • Chicken Burger
    Chicken Burger 18

    Grilled free-range chicken breast, smoked bacon, brie, iceberg lettuce, field tomato, guacamole, ranch

  • Apple & Pear Grilled Cheese
    Apple & Pear Grilled Cheese 15

    Roasted Gala apples & D’Anjou pears with double cream brie, smoked cheddar, spinach, & maple Dijon on grilled Artisan bread.
    Add pulled wild boar 3.5


  • Sockeye Salmon
    Sockeye Salmon 18

    Grilled Sockeye salmon, seasonal vegetables, lemon fingerling potatoes, fresh herb & garlic white wine caper sauce.

  • Tofu Vegetable Masala
    Tofu Vegetable Masala 16

    Simmered chickpeas in mild Masala sauce, with tofu, English peas and baby spinach on steamed Jasmine rice with house made roti. (This item is vegan and gluten free without roti).


All of our coffee is organic fair trade espresso, roasted
and blended for us by JJ Bean here in Vancouver. Our hot
chocolate is home-made from organic fair-trade cocoa.
We also carry organic fair-trade chai, soy milk, almond milk,
and teas.

Prices do not include applicable taxes including GST and LST

Coffee Choices

Americano 3.85
~refill or ~extra shot 1.5
Espresso single 3.95 double 4.75
Cappuccino 4.75
Latte 4.75
Espresso con Panna 4
Espresso Machiato 4
Mocha con Panna 5
Hot Chocolate con Panna 4.5
Chai Latte 4.75
Add a flavour shot 1
Peppermint, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut,
*Sub soy/almond milk: 0.5

Specialty Coffees

10 (1.5oz)

Bailey’s Coffee
Irish Coffee
Monte Cristo
Blueberry Tea
Spanish Coffee
Polar Bear

Teas from JJ Bean


Black ~ Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ginger Peach, Masala Chai, Shanghai Rose, Garden Party

Green ~ Jasmine, Sencha, Apple Pie Blend

~ Chamomile, Peppermint, Vanilla Rooibos

Organic Freshly Squeezed Juices


Orange, Grapefruit, Apple, Pineapple, Cranberry, Cranberry-Apple, Lemonade

Juice Spritzer 4
Iced Tea (made in house) 4
San Pellegrino 4

Fountain Pop

3.75 (one free refill)

Cola, Diet Cola, Gingerale, Sprite, Tonic, Soda