Dinner Menu

    • Dinner Appetizers

    • Roasted Mushrooms & Taleggio

      Roasted Mushrooms & Taleggio


      Foraged & cultivated mushrooms, white wine garlic cream, torched Taleggio, grilled potato bread

    • Sea Scallops & Bacon

      Sea Scallops & Bacon


      Scallops, bacon lardon, & maple butter glaze

    • Duck Nachos

      Duck Nachos


      Confit duck leg, Monterey Jack cheese, roasted mushrooms, wonton chips, & wasabi edamame guacamole

    • Atlantic Lobster & King Crab Cakes

      Atlantic Lobster & King Crab Cakes


      Lobster, Chilean king crab, apple, fennel, capers, roasted Serrano peppers, orange tarragon aioli

    • Cyprus Halloumi

      Cyprus Halloumi


      Pan fried sheep’s milk cheese, honey, lemon, crushed walnuts, dried fruits, warm crostini

    • Crispy Brussels Sprouts

      Crispy Brussels Sprouts


      Toasted sunflower seeds, balsamic reduction, & Grana Padano

    • Miso Poutine

      Miso Poutine


      Roasted potatoes, cheese curds, & miso gravy.
      Add Boar 3.5 Vegan option available.

    • Cheese & Charcuterie

      Cheese & Charcuterie


      Chef's choice of cheese & charcuterie meat with selected condiments & warm crostini

    • Daily Feature Soup

      Daily Feature Soup


      Ask your server about our daily soups

    • Dinner Pastas

    • Open Faced Lasagne

      Open Faced Lasagne


      Foraged & cultivated mushrooms, English peas, spinach, semolina pasta, mushroom-Alfredo cream, torched Taleggio, spinach, crushed walnuts, 2-year aged Parmesan

    • Gnocchi



      Pan-fried Red Kurri squash-chevrè gnocchi, kale pesto, crispy Brussel sprouts, chevrè, pomegranate, chestnut gremolata

    • Smoked Tofu Pad Thai

      Smoked Tofu Pad Thai


      Smoked tofu, flash-fried peppers, carrots, bok choy, bean sprouts, broad rice noodles, spicy peanut-chili sauce, coriander, sesame-crusted cashews, scallions    

      *Add 3 pcs white tail shrimp, or 2 pcs scallops 4

    • Dinner Mains

    • Beef Fillet Mignon

      Beef Fillet Mignon


      Pan-seared Alberta-raised beef tenderloin, demi glace, organic fingerling potatoes & seasonal vegetables

    • Halloumi Curry

      Halloumi Curry


      Halloumi & chickpeas in a roasted tomato-coconut curry with broccolini, cauliflower, fennel, & spinach over Basmati rice with coriander, cranberry-orange yogurt raita, Anjou pear chutney, poppadum cracker

    • Canard au Vin

      Canard au Vin


      Yarrow Meadows Farms duck breast, duck skin crackling, bacon lardons, Merlot reduction, organic carrots, wild mushrooms, English peas, parsnip-potato puree

    • Local Coho Salmon

      Local Coho Salmon


      Baked local Coho salmon, lemon-caper shrimp sauce, roasted mashed maple-mint infused heirloom carrots, turnips, golden beets with English peas, watermelon radish

    • Sablefish



      Pan-seared Vancouver Island Sablefish fillet over a butternut squash ragout of black kale, red chard, wild mushrooms with roasted chestnut gremolata

    • Dinner Salads

    • Scallop & Spinach Salad

      Scallop & Spinach Salad


      Sea scallops, spinach, wild mushrooms, charred balsamic onions, watermelon radish, crushed walnuts, & burnt honey tarragon dressing
      Add chèvre 1.5

    • Tuna Tataki Salad

      Tuna Tataki Salad


      Nori-wrapped chili-soy marinated Albacore, savoy cabbage, Asian vegetables, sesame-crusted cashews, watermelon radish, wasabi-edamame guacamole, wonton chips, ginger-lime dressing

    • Harvest Root Vegetable Salad

      Harvest Root Vegetable Salad


      Maple candied turnips, parsnips, heirloom carrots, purple yams, golden beets, black kale, pomegranate, chevre, pumpkin seeds, Gala apple-lemon citronette

    • Locus Caesar

      Locus Caesar


      Romaine hearts, seasonal lettuces, croutons, Grana Padano, & house Caesar dressing
      Add free range chicken 5   Add Smoked Bacon 3.5

    • Locus Burgers

      Burgers are served with a blend of smoked cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese on an Artisan bun with field tomato, red leaf lettuce, charred balsamic onions and tomato-raifort sauce and comes with house salad and roasted herb potatoes.

    • BC Brisket Chuck Burger

      BC Brisket Chuck Burger


      BC raised 7 oz. beef patty
      *Add bacon 2       *Add Mushrooms 1

    • Vegetarian Burger

      Vegetarian Burger


      House mushroom & roasted pepper patty.
      *Add Mushrooms 1